Practice Closure Notice

Dear Valued Patient,

Due to current unprecedented circumstances, as per guidance from the Chief Dental Officer NHS England, it is with regret that we have taken the unfortunate decision to close the practice until further notice. We will be contacting all patients who currently have appointments booked with us. Please do not attend the practice, even for emergencies, as we cannot currently allow access to the building.

Our team members are being deployed to the hospitals on the frontline to help fight the battle against coronavirus and support the amazing NHS doctors and nurses.

We would also like to take this opportunity to remind patients to follow government guidance during this difficult time and wherever possible to STAY AT HOME.

If you have a dental emergency or need advice then please contact our telephone triage service by calling the practice on 01344 291744 or sending us an email at

Please only contact us in cases of a genuine emergency as we need to prioritise our limited resources to help those who need us.

Our team has worked with you and your family for many years and we look forward to seeing you again as soon as we can. We would like to send you our best wishes and hope that you stay safe and well during this extremely difficult time.


Sunninghill Dental Practice


Gum disease

More teeth are lost through gum disease than any other cause because the disease process generally takes a long time, early intervention with simple preventative measures are usually the best approach. Good oral hygiene, effective use of tooth brush and other cleaning aids, and regular trips to the dental hygienist are strongly recommended for everyone who wants to keep their gums and teeth healthy for a lifetime.

Gum disease begins as gingivitis, with common signs including blood on the toothbrush when you brush your teeth. In this case you should contact your dentist immediately, as early treatment is invariably simple and effective . Left untreated, gingivitis can become periodontitis, which invariably leads to loss of teeth in the long term.

Periodontics is a branch of dentistry that deals specifically with this disease,and other less common conditions of the gums and tissues that support the teeth. As the condition advances, specialist intervention may be required.

The x-ray illustrates periodontal problems, decayed teeth and an implant