Crown and Bridge

Crown and bridge

The aesthetics and strength of today’s porcelain crown and bridge work are greatly improved over those that have gone before. Colour, shape and, to a certain extent, position can be changed using them.

In the example, we have permanently restored the spaces at the front and right side, and the shape and colour of all the neighbouring teeth have also been dramatically improved, creating a vastly improved smile.

These highly aesthetic restorations can be made using laser scanning, aligned with 3D printing technology, or by a skilled ceramicist in the laboratory. They are made to a prescription arrived at by agreement between patient and dentist.

Traditional porcelain bonded to metal units can be made combining the strength of metal with the appearance of porcelain. However, today’s all porcelain restorations are even better, eliminating any chance of a black line appearing at the margin over time, and are superb in both appearance and strength.

Crowns and bridges are usually provided as a way of restoring very heavily restored, missing, or extensively decayed or damaged teeth. They may be used as a primary cosmetic technique as well.

Crowns and bridges are also  fitted to implants where a patient has spaces to be restored.