Tooth Whitening

We have been whitening teeth here at Sunninghill for the last 20 years, and are  able to administer most of the current systems available.


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Enlighten System

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Healthy teeth

The Polar Whitening System uses carbide peroxide up to 18% (this is equivalent to 6% hydrogen peroxide), or hydrogen peroxide up to 6%. At these concentrations whitening will be effective provided that it can be held against the surface of the teeth for long enough (typically a couple of hours). This means making a very accurately fitting whitening tray, so that no gel leaks out, and no saliva ingresses

The Law: The active tooth whitening chemical is hydrogen peroxide. This is usually applied to the teeth in the form of carbide peroxide which allows the slow release of active hydrogen peroxide, although under certain conditions may be applied as straight hydrogen peroxide.

All tooth whitening products, tooth pastes or devices for sale to the public are limited to a maximum of 0.1% peroxide, and are unlikely to have any significant whitening effect at this low level. There are controls regarding maximum hydrogen peroxide levels in products for sale to the public because it can be a toxic material if indiscriminately used in high concentrations. Whitening systems using above 0.1% may only be legally be applied by a dentist, or by a hygienist or dental therapist to a prescription provided by a dentist.