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Examination  New Patient £45.00
Examination  Recall £35.00
 X-Ray  Small £10.00
 X-Ray  Large (Panoral) £30.00
Filling  Encapsulated Amalgam from £70.00
Filling  Ceramic/composite (tooth coloured)  front from £95.00
Filling  Ceramic/composite (tooth coloured)  back from £125.00
Crown  Porcelain bonded to metal £445.00
Crown  Pure Porcelain from £500.00
Crown  Porcelain Inlay from £450.00
Bridges  Per Unit from £375.00
Veneers  Per Unit from £400.00
Extractions  Normal procedure £85.00
Extractions  Surgical procedure from £150.00
Dentures  Full/Full £850.00
Dentures  Full upper or full lower from £425.00
Dentures  Partial from £375.00
Dentures  Cobalt/chrome from £600.00
>Dental Implants  Implants from £2200.00
Dental Implants  Consultation £150.00
Tooth Whitening  Polar System £250.00
Tooth Whitening  Enlighten System £695.00
>Hygienist £55.00
Sports Guards from £55.00
>Specialist Oral Surgery  Simple £95.00
Specialist Oral Surgery  Complex from £150.00
Specialist Oral Surgery  Wisdom from £150.00
Specialist Oral Surgery  I.V. Sedation £120.00/hour
Endodontics (root canal)  Incisor/canine from £175.00
Endodontics (root canal)  Premolar from £195.00
Endodontics (root canal)  Molar from £295.00
Specialist Endodontics It may be necessary to see a specialist in cases of particular complexity
Specialist Orthodontics  Consultation £55.00 Specialist Orthodontics  Upper or Lower Arch £2100.00
  trading opzioni binarie è legale Specialist Orthodontics  Upper and Lower Arch £3800.00 Specialist Orthodontics  Invisalign £4500.00
  see Specialist Orthodontics  Inman Aligner System from £2000.00
  follow site Botox Treatment  One Area £95.00
  go site Botox Treatment  Two Areas £170.00
  see Botox Treatment  Three Areas £240.00
  qiran dating website Botox Treatment  Crows Feet £120.00

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